For over 20 years the FPA Fairplay Agency has been operating as a « boutique » football agency, managing selected football professionals,  developing their character and turning their dreams into reality.

Founded by FIFA licensed agent and entrepreneur Dino Lamberti in 1998, the FPA Fairplay Agency was born out of his desire to help athletes become the best version of themselves.

Dino Lamberti’s leadership skills surfaced early in his career as a professional football player. As the captain of his club FC Wil, he helped foreign players integrate themselves into their new working and living environment. Since many of them did’nt have any agent, he helped them with their housing needs and integration. It’s in these undertakings that he found his vocation.



FPA Fairplay Agency Ltd.

Lavaterstrasse 57, 8002 Zurich Switzerland
+41 (0) 43 244 04 04
+41 (0) 43 244 04 05


FPA Brasil Gerenciamento Esportivo Ltda.

Alameda Salvador 1057, Salvador Shopping Business,
Torre América, Sala 1717, Caminho das Árvores,
Salvador BA, Brazil, 41 820 790
+55 (0) 71 3500 3444
+55 (0) 71 3500 3445