For over 20 years the FPA Fairplay Agency has been operating as a « boutique » football agency, managing selected football professionals,  developing their character and turning their dreams into reality.

Founded by FIFA licensed agent and entrepreneur Dino Lamberti in 1998, the FPA Fairplay Agency was born out of his desire to help athletes become the best version of themselves.

Dino Lamberti’s leadership skills surfaced early in his career as a professional football player. As the captain of his club FC Wil, he helped foreign players integrate themselves into their new working and living environment. Since many of them didn’t have any agent, he helped them with their housing needs and integration. It’s in these undertakings that he found his vocation.

When a series of injuries terminated his footballing career, he decided to turn his suffering into motivation. He chose to become the football agent he never had.

In 1994, after graduating in business administration and concluding his specialization in marketing, Dino Lamberti, together with his long-time friend and business partner Claudio Zurlo created “Fairplay Consulting”. The name arose from his ambition to work in a fair and transparent way. Those values ​​make up the company until today.

In 1996 Dino Lamberti completed his first international transfer, assisted by a sports law firm. After that, he moved to Brazil and worked for the CBF – Brazilian Football Confederation, organizing games and tournaments for the Brazilian selecção.

When he returned to Switzerland in 1998, he got his FIFA license and founded the “FPA Fairplay Agency” in the form it exists today.

Over the past 20 years the FPA Fairplay Agency has added specialized professionals to the company. Our legal, finance, media, marketing and psychology specialists now make up our multi-lingual and multi-cultural team. Their expertise guarantees a best-in-class service.

Meanwhile, the FPA Fairplay Agency has consolidated its position in the market. It serves new talents, managers, sports directors and high performance players alike, providing them with a highly personalized career management. Among the services offered are: superior contract negotiations, talent consulting, image consulting, scouting, and many more. Basically, it creates the perfect conditions for football professionals to excel.

The FPA Fairplay Agency stands for quality and not quantity. That’s why we consider ourselves a « boutique » agency. We work with a limited number of professionals only. Therefore, we are able to give each and every client our full attention. We encourage them to work on their personality and help them develop all the ideal characteristics to become real champions!

Because to us: