We are a « boutique » football agency that helps unique football professionals to achieve their fullest potential and maximize their market value. We provide them with privileged access to superior contract negotiations, daily monitoring of their professional progress, mental-coaching, individual career planning and in-house expertise in areas such as legal, financial, public relations, marketing and press-services. Focusing our energy and passion in a few selected clients allows us to respond to each of our client’s individual needs with a personalized service.


It is our vision to help unique footballing talents achieve their dreams and enable them to benefit their families by inspiring them to become the best version of themselves. Furthermore, we strive to further consolidate our reputation on the marketplace as a premium agency that provides its business partners with the right characters to become champions.



Character makes champions. We push our clients to their maximum by helping them develop their personality. Talent + character = result (performance and success)


Character-development requires us to work closely with our client’s families and employers. In our experience, these relationships are most fruitful when both sides listen and engage in respectful partnerships. This is only possible when there is trust.


We prefer to work with a reduced number of top-talents to guarantee exclusive, personalized and best-in-class treatment in all stages of their career.


Being able to focus on one person at a time allows us to be dynamic, flexible and creative.