Dino Lamberti is a Swiss-born Italian. He is a former football player, entrepreneur and
founder of the FPA Fairplay Agency, and is responsible for making it the most exclusive sports management companies in the world.
Enthusiastic, serious and perfectionist, he has honed his natural and intuitive talent as a leader and intermediary over years of experience, both as a player and agent.
For over 20 years, he has been working as manager, mental-coach and adviser for football professionals.
His clients are composed by player, coaches, club directors, and football associations. Meanwhile Dino Lamberti is one of the most experienced and well-known consultants in Europe and Brazil.
For Dino Lamberti communication is the basis of everything and he enjoys this gift
with his ability to communicate in several languages, speaking German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English fluently.


Martin Muller is Swiss, having worked in professional football for 14 years in the Swiss first and second divisions. Among other achievements, he won the Swiss title with FC Lucerne in 1989.  After completing his career as a player, he acquired the professional manager certification.
From 1997 to 1998, he held the position of head coach at FC Lucerne. After that, he was appointed Head of Business at the same club, that is when he met Dino Lamberti.
Since 2007 Martin Muller holds the position of Administrative Director at the FPA Fairplay Agency.


Rolf Bischof is Swiss and holds a degree in Accounting. He has worked as an accountant and auditor for several Swiss companies, including Swiss.
In 1997, Rolf Bischof opened its own accounting firm and in 2005 founded BRK Consult GmbH.
Since 1998, he has worked with the FPA Fairplay Agency as Financial Director.


Swiss-Kosovan Gezim Sadiku played for all the Swiss national teams up to the Sub-21. Due to an injury, he had to give up his big dream of a professional career. He has, however, remained loyal to football in various forms and was able to gain experience in the business as a consultant for a swiss player agency. He is now a consultant/scout at the FPA Fairplay Agency.


Jonas Sousa is Brazilian and is responsible for FPA Brasil Gerenciamento Esportivo Ltda, our subsidiary located in Salvador- Bahia, Brazil.
He has been part of the company for more than 10 years and coordinates the entire FPA scouting system. He also assists the company’s Brazilian clients and their families in administrative issues at home and abroad.


Fernando Fernandes is a Brazilian with training as a scout. He first started to pursue his passion for football as an assistant coach in a youth academy. A few years ago, he started to work as a scout for various clients and gained his first experience in the analysis of professional players during this time. From 2021, he worked as a scout for the FPA Fairplay Agency.


Emad Aghedi is Iranian and has lived in the United Arab Emirates since 2001. Since he was a child, he has nurtured his passion for football and has dedicated his entire professional career to the sport. In his youth, he participated in competitions in the Dubai Amateur Football League (DAFL -2009/2014). As a Sports Medical Consultant, he had the opportunity to work for renowned football players from all over the world. Furthermore, as Head of Operations he gained experience in sports business consulting. Since 2019 he acts as a Football Agent and whilst intermediating athletes he met Dino Lamberti. He is currently the Consulting Agent of the Fairplay Agency in the Middle East.


The learned chancery secretary Urs Meier can draw on 41 years of professional football experience. After 14 years as a footballer, the ex-Grasshopper defender continued his career in the coaching business. For more than a decade, he developed young talents at the FC Zurich academy until taking over the first team himself and leading it to the Swiss Cup victory in 2012! Under him, players like Berat Djimsiti, Franciso Rodriguez and Nico Elvedi made their first appearances in the Super League. His meticulous work as a talent promoter also came to fruition in the Challenge League at FCRJ, where Urs Meier repeatedly guided the most Swiss talents to their professional debut during his time as head coach. Since 2021, Urs Meier has been bringing his experience to bear in counselling players at the FPA Fairplay Agency. 


Arthur is Brazilian and is trained in Scouting/Performance Analysis.
He is a former soccer player in Brazil, but decided not to pursue a career as a player to seek alternatives in soccer world, becoming a Performance Analyst and Scout. In 2023, he joined the Fairplay Agency team as a Scout and continues to look for more qualification in the area to add to his knowledge already obtained in his career as a soccer player.


Uelinton Estrela has experience working with domestic companies. He has a diverse background, both in the Brazilian government sector and in the private sector. Throughout his career, he has achieved accomplishments through collaboration with various companies. Since 2023, he has been working with the Fairplay Agency as an Executive Assistant, sharing his expertise to develop the organization.


Alisson Monteriro, with experience in marketing and design as well as working in industrial, commercial, and corporate sectors, has an impressive resume. He has collaborated with various domestic and international companies throughout his career path. Since 2023, he has started working with the Fairplay Agency, focusing on aiding the company’s success in marketing and social media network design.