Dino Lamberti is a Swiss-born Italian. He is a former football player, entrepreneur and
founder of the FPA Fairplay Agency, and is responsible for making it the most exclusive sports management companies in the world.
Enthusiastic, serious and perfectionist, he has honed his natural and intuitive talent as a leader and intermediary over years of experience, both as a player and agent.
For over 20 years, he has been working as manager, mental-coach and adviser for football professionals.
His clients are composed by player, coaches, club directors, and football associations. Meanwhile Dino Lamberti is one of the most experienced and well-known consultants in Europe and Brazil.
For Dino Lamberti communication is the basis of everything and he enjoys this gift
with his ability to communicate in several languages, speaking German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English fluently.


Martin Muller is Swiss, having worked in professional football for 14 years in the Swiss first and second divisions. Among other achievements, he won the Swiss title with FC Lucerne in 1989.  After completing his career as a player, he acquired the professional manager certification.
From 1997 to 1998, he held the position of head coach at FC Lucerne. After that, he was appointed Head of Business at the same club, that is when he met Dino Lamberti.
Since 2007 Martin Muller holds the position of Administrative Director at the FPA Fairplay Agency.


Rolf Bischof is Swiss and holds a degree in Accounting. He has worked as an accountant and auditor for several Swiss companies, including Swiss.
In 1997, Rolf Bischof opened its own accounting firm and in 2005 founded BRK Consult GmbH.
Since 1998, he has worked with the FPA Fairplay Agency as Financial Director.


Sebatian Kaufmann is Swiss-Argentine. After completing his studies at a Spanish film school, he has worked for various media outlets in the United States and continued his career in several film
productions in Madrid, Buenos Aires and New York.
In 2012, he engaged as a film and TV acquisition manager for a leading European sales company in Germany.
Since 2015 he works as Creative Director at the FPA Fairplay Agency, responsible for corporate design and for overseeing the media presence in the company, as well as for creating all audiovisual content produced for clients and in the online media, social networks, and FPA TV.

Consultante Of Players and Scouting

Sehar Fejzulahi has dual nationality, being Swiss and Albanian. Until recently he was active as a professional football player in Switzerland, where he played for FC Basel, Grasshopper Club, FC Lugano and other clubs.
Over 15 years, he has accumulated more than 250 games in the two major divisions of the country and also played for the Sub-21 Swiss national team on several occasions.
As of 2001, he has been a member of the FPA Fairplay Agency, initially as a player and since 2016 he is responsible for scouting and customer management.


Jonas Sousa is Brazilian and is responsible for FPA Brasil Gerenciamento Esportivo Ltda, our subsidiary located in Salvador- Bahia, Brazil.
He has been part of the company for more than 10 years and coordinates the entire FPA scouting system. He also assists the company’s Brazilian clients and their families in administrative issues at home and abroad.


Fabricio Santos is Brazilian and graduated in Graphic Design from one of the largest schools of computer graphics in Latin America, SAGA – School of Art, Game and Animation.
Since his childhood, design has always been his passion. Prior to his engagement at FPA Fairplay Agency he worked in print and is currently completing his studies in the area of ​​IT.
Since 2016 he is a part of FPA Fairplay Agency’s media team.

Creator Of Digital Media and Scouting

Wallace Viegas is Brazilian and an audio- visual production enthusiast. He graduated in Graphic Design at SAGA (School of Art. Game and Animation) in 2014.
As of 2018, he is a part of the media team at FPA Fairplay Agency.